Mission Statement

We aim to rebuild the hope and strengthen the presence of the Chrsitian guardians of the Holy Land.

Vision Statement

Holylands Arts ultimate objective is to prevent all Christians from leaving the Holy Land by reaching every Christian household in the United States.

Doctrinal Statement

We believe, that: (1)the Bible is the word of God and the ultimate truth. (2)in the Holy Trinity, three distinct persons but one same essence. (3)God created heaven and earth and all space. We believe that (4)God created man in His own image. (5)Sin came into this world by the fall of the first man. (6)Jesus Christ is a true God, begotten of the Father from eternity, also a true Man, born of the virgin Mary. (7)Through Christ is the Only way of reconciliation with God. (8)One holy Christian Church on earth, the head of which is Christ, gathered, preserved and governed by Christ through the Gospel.

Board Members

Our Representatives

We have a true passion for our mission

"As a Christian who was born and raised in the City of Bethlehem, coming from the same place where our lord Jesus was born, I was blessed.However, noticing how our Christian community is shrinking while growing up, going from being more than 80% of the total population to being today less than 2%, had me open my eyes to the cruel reality that one day the Holy Land will be only a religious museum with no living Christian presence.

After having to flee the country myself, my patriotism and impetuous passion for my Christ made me craving to make a difference. I want to share my story as a young man who was forced to leave his home town at a young age, perhaps for economical reasons, perhaps because the extremism is on the rise, or because I lacked the basic living conditions of a human. In a way it feels the same as when Jesus got knocked under his Cross and kept fighting to stand up. I will keep on fighting until I see a relief in my community, the guardians of the Holy Land do exist,  and i will fight to tell their story and strengthen their presence.

By being a part of Holylands Arts, I will not only provide them with a consistent source of income, but I'll make sure that their art and suffering will reach every household in America."

Reach out for Ward to hear his Story.

Ward Qumsieh - founder and Organization Rep

Email: Wardq@theholylands.org

Phone: (314) 312-2033 ex. 101

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