Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 2019

November 11th - 20th
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Bethlehem's Master Hand-Carvers

Passing Down Their Ancestors Passion and Belief From One Generation to Another


The Holylands Arts supports more than 500 Christian families from Bethlehem and Jerusalem areas. We create more job opportunities, rebuild hope, restore dignity and maintain the rich Christian culture where the Lord spread his teachings to our ancestors.

By supporting the local Olivewood workshops, we decrease the number of Christians fleeing the country, we strengthen their presence by keeping their main source of income. The Holylands family works passionately day and night to provide them with necessities for life and existence, hand to hand with God we work until peace prevails.

Hand Crafted Olive wood Collections by Category



“With conflicts arising in Israel, like many of their brothers and sisters, the Qumsieh family have fled their native country due to physical danger, high unemployment rate and lack of tourism.
I have seen this situation first hand during my recent Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
For the survival of the Christian families, the Diocese of Belleville encourages the Holylands Arts family efforts and legitimate art. We support their mission in order to prevent more Christians from leaving the Holy Land.”


— MOST REVEREND EDWARD K. BRAXTON. Bishop of Belleville , IL.


“Because of the turmoil in the Middle East, many Christian artists and their families have struggled greatly to make their Olive Wood carvings, often the source of their livelihood, available for purchase to foreign visitors.
In the recent past, and in light of the good working relationship we have enjoyed with Ward Qumsieh’s family and the Holylands, and in consultation with his excellency the Most Reverend Bishop Thompson, our diocese has assisted many of these Christian families in need, by granting permission to Qumsieh for the display and sale of hand-carved religious art from the Holy Land in our parishes.”

— VERY REVEREND BERNARD ETIENNE. Vicar General, Diocese of Evansville, IN


“Christians of the Holy Land and their young generations are the most vulnerable in such extremism situations; emigration is a widely spreading phenomenon, led to having them decrease to become less than 2 percent of the total population.
We partner with Holylands in playing an important role to fulfill our mission in supporting Christian poor families and small producers. We proudly work with and support Ward and Raad Qumsieh and their family, who are passionately committed to this mission, in their endeavor to assist strengthen the presence of these living stones that are keeping the faith and representing the living witness of our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

— NADER ABU AMSHA. Director of East Jerusalem YMCA