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Petra * Mt. Nebo * Caesarea * Nazareth * Cana * Tiberias * Sea of Galilee * Jordan River * Mt. carmel * Jerusalem * Gethsemane * Ein Karem * Nativity * Bethlehem * Qumran * Jericho * Dead Sea * Mt. of Olives * Mt. Zion * Holy Sepulcher * Hebron * Nablus * Shepherds’ Field


Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

November 11-20, 2019

9 Days/ 8 Nights

$3,890 All-Inclusive

$500 3-day extension to Jordan (optional)

*requires $600 deposit to sign up


Why Choose Us?

Us company members are original followers and descendants of Jesus Christ who was born and raised in Bethlehem. We know, literately first hand, what it takes to make your journey exceptional. Our passion is for every pilgrim to have the best spiritual experience possible along side a voyage of truth explorations to make your own conclusions about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We include more sites and cultural events with the original Christian community in order to exceed every expectation. It’s like exploring a secret community that you otherwise would never hear about in normal circumstances.

We will take you through a spiritual experience that is unforgettable, beyond your imagination.
We offer the best prices for your money on our all–inclusive travel packages.

  • Award-winning custom planned itineraries

  • Expert licensed local Christian guides

  • Centrally located 4-5 star hotels

  • Daily worship services in centuries old churches

  • Clean and comfortable transportation

  • Experienced local drivers

  • Hotel baggage handling

  • All entrance fees covered

  • 3 meals a day

  • Traditional dancing farewell dinners

  • Safe access to controversial conflict sites

  • Special gift hand carved from ancient Olive Wood as thanks for your participation


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what others think


I can honestly say, I always felt safe and never felt uncomfortable in any of the environments we experienced.  It is easy to see that your people are peace loving and deserve to be treated as good neighbors.  Hopefully, as the word gets out, changes will be made that your people deserve.  We will spread the word and pray for such to occur.  

The weather during our trip was unbelievable.  No rain and pleasant weather nearly all the time.  The hotels were nice and the people easy to deal with in our stays.  We never went hungry.  The lunch in Nablus was my favorite.  I could go on and on but I simply want to let you know how much we enjoyed the wonderful trip.  A  trip of a lifetime. -David Frankland

The trip to Hebron and the omnipresent Israeli checkpoints were particularly memorable in seeing living conditions for Christians and Muslims in Israel.  Such patience!  Parts of Hebron have been made into a ghetto and due process has been discarded. It was very inspiring to have warship or prayer services in locations noted in the Bible and Father did an excellent job of tying geography with his messages and liturgy. Bus drivers were all experienced and safe.

We enjoyed the company of our fellow travelers and at twenty it was a "right-sized" group.  Provisions were made for our health conditions. -Harry Hendrickson


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my flight is cancelled or delayed?

If your flight is cancelled or delayed it is imperative that you work DIRECTLY with the airlines at the airport to arrange for alternate flights or protection.

• Once your tickets have been issued or you have checked-in for your flights, Holylands Arts can no longer make any changes to your flight itinerary. This can only be done by the airlines. In such case, remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so be persistent.
• It is important to remember that it is not the airline agent’s fault, so try your best to remain courteous to them, as you may find that you receive more assistance this way.
• The airlines are not required to offer reimbursement for personal expense or overnights when delays/cancellations occur due to weather. We strongly recommend the purchase of Traveler’s Insurance for this reason. However, if you find that you have no luck with the airline personnel, please contact us and we shall do all in our power to assist you.

What should I do if I miss my flight due to my late arrival at my departure airport?

If you should miss your flight, due to your own late arrival at your departure airport, it is imperative that you work DIRECTLY with the airlines at the airport to arrange for alternate flights. You will incur additional costs (minimum of $200 per person) for such changes. Please note that you should contact Holylands Arts once your alternate arrangements have been made so that we may arrange for a private transfer (at your expense) if necessary.

What happens if I have a problem or complaint during my trip?

If you have any problems, concerns, or complaints during your trip, please communicate them IMMEDIATELY to your tour guide. Your tour guide is at your disposal to assist you with all your needs including issues with your hotel room, meals, etc.
• Remember, there is very little that can be done to undo a problem once you have returned home, but, most of the time your tour guide can address any concerns you may have swiftly.
• However, if the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction by your tour guide, then please contact our office.

Do I need a visa traveling to Israel or Palestine?

No. American and Canadian citizens and most western countries need only a passport when visiting the Holy Land. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date you enter Israel.

Do I need special vaccines before traveling?

No. Israel is a developed country with advanced health care, and advance level of hygiene to equal the best Western countries in the world. Tourists have no requirements for vaccination prior to traveling to Israel or Palestine.

Do I need to contact my cellphone’s carrier before I leave the US, to be able to make phone calls in the Holy Land?

Not necessarily, that will be the expensive option. There is no need to use your carrier to make phone calls in neither Palestine nor Israel. Every single hotel, restaurant and some attractions provide free WI-FI. We recommend you use the internet to contact your family and friends.

What foods and drinks do I avoid in the Holy Land?

Most meals in the Holy Land are prepared with locally organic and fresh ingredients, whole cooked with no raw ingredients. If you are allergic to anything you should inform your guide. I wouldn’t worry about food in general. The only concern is tap water, try avoiding it by only drinking bottled water. Some tourists in the past have caught a mild stomach flu from tap water their bodies are not familiar with.

Is it Safe in Palestine?

Yes, especially in the Bethlehem area. Millions of pilgrims visit Palestine every year. Tourists have consistently reported that they felt safe and comfortable during their visit.

What currency to use in the Holy Land and how do I convert it?

US Dollars are the mostly used currency by travelers and are accepted in nearly every place you visit. If you choose to convert some US Dollars to the local “Israeli Shekels” currency, wait till you get to Bethlehem, the rates are lower than other cities, ask your guide for assistance.

Do I have to walk a lot during the trip?

Essentially, yes. But there will be many breaks in between, you can rest before you continue to the next stop. Some Christian attractions are within walking distances from each other, especially in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The old streets and buildings from the previous centuries do not fit buses, that is why there will be more walking on some days than others. If you are not comfortable walking a lot we can provide a wheelchair on the long walking days. Though, many of the elderly people in the past have had no problems walking.

Can I do laundry at the Hotel?

Yes, some hotels offer paid laundry service. If a Hotel doesn't offer this service, nearby laundry stores are usually cheap and offer same day pick up. If you need any help regarding laundry, ask your guide for assistance. 

Do people speak English in the Holy Land?

Yes. Nearly everywhere you go people speak English. English is the second language in both Israel and Palestine and even young teenagers speak it fairly.

Will there be a tour guide with the group at all times?

Yes, an English licensed Christian tour guide will be with the travelers from day one until final day’s departure. One of our local organizers will also be present at least half of the times.

What are the alternative non-religious sites we might visit?

The original Christian community of the Holy Land are mostly concentrated in Bethlehem area, which happens to be in the West Bank, Palestine. We would be fooling ourselves if we were to come into Bethlehem through a gated 30-foot concrete wall, pass by checkpoints and soldiers between every city, notice the abandoned streets and destroyed villages and not say a word about it. In order to understand the struggles of the shrinking Christian community, it is important to not only visit biblical and historical sites but to also interact with these living stones that compromise only 1% of the total country’s population.

Sites to visit might include the segregation wall, Israeli museum, Old city of Hebron, Israeli settler home, Cremisan Monastery and Winery.


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